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Warren Zevon - Disorder In The House, аккорды

    	    	From Warren Zevon's last album. I first heard this song in the WZ documentary done shortly 
after his death; he did some great solos with Bruce Springsteen on this one, if I were a 
better lead guitarist I'd have figured those out too (maybe later), so that's why this is 
in the "Chords" collection. I did include the intro riff because its pretty easy even for 
a hack like me ;) It sounds alright if you just repeat this riff in the solos, with the 
normal verse chord changes, but if you get a chance check out the recording. You can hear 
The Boss laughing at the end of the song, they must have had a LOT of fun with those solos!    

Intro Riff:


[Start the intro with standard A chord strummed 4 times, followed by 0-3 the riff 
on the 6th and 5th strings]
[Repeat this pattern x 2, followed by a "Hey" then play this part 2x more]   

   A                        D
Disorder in the house - the tub runneth over 
A                                                E
Plaster's falling down in pieces by the couch of pain
   A                    D
Disorder in the house - time to duck and cover 
A           E                   A
Helicopters hover over rough terrain

   A                    D 
Disorder in the house - reptile wisdom
A                               E  
Zombies on the lawn staggering around
   A                              D
Disorder in the house - there's a flaw in the system
        A                     E                           A
And the fly in the ointment's gonna bring the whole thing down 

[Bridge #1]:
    D                           A
The floodgates are open - We've let the demons loose 
    D                                F#     E       A
The big guns have spoken - And we've fallen for the ruse 

[Solo #1 over Verse pattern here]

   A                           D 
Disorder in the house - It's a fate worse than fame
A                                E 
Even the Lhasa Apso seems to be ashamed
   A                        D
Disorder in the house - The doors are coming off the hinges
    A                   E                     A 
The earth will open and swallow up the real estate

[Bridge, slightly different and longer than the 1st Bridge]:

  D                           A
I just got my paycheck  - I'm gonna paint the whole town grey 
D                                    A 
Whether it's a night in Paris - or a Fresno matinee 
         D                            A
It’s the home of the brave  - and the land of the free
          F#                 E                 A
Where the less you know, the better off you'll be

[Solo #2 over Verse pattern here]

   A                    D    
Disorder in the house - all bets are off
    A                                   E
I'm sprawled across the davenport of despair
   A                         D
Disorder in the house - I'll live with the losses 
    A                 E                 D
And watch the sundown through the portiere…here we go!  

[Solo #3 over Verse pattern here]
[End with a few ringing 'A' chords, and a laugh from Bruce Springsteen]

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