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The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - In Focus

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Sounds best to me if you play them all as power chords!  they don't actually play straight forward chords
so this is an approximation



Am    Bm G
Right on cue
Am             C           D     C    D         G     F
   With your impeccable delivery Alienating but true
Am       Bm   C       D
You laugh and I can't reply.
G                Am                       C            D              C           D
Lately I've been less than inspired as we cash all the checks just to barely make rent
G       F              Am       Bm   C         D        G
  Ooh believe me, baby this time the truth will set you free

Am C D C G F Am Bm C D G

G                   Am
No more parties or platforms
        C           D          C      D
No more sighing for nothing to say
    G                    F
The message you left was typically cryptic
Am       Bm        C              D
You know more than you're letting on
    G  Em
But I
       G         Em
What I mean is
     G     Em   G   Em
Or I say
    G           D   Em
I'm speechless

G D Em 6x
G Am Em 6x
G Am 2x
G Am Em

Am C D C  D

G              F                      Am           Bm      C                 D
Hangups on the answering machine, the curtains are open, I creep through the door
           G       Am        C                D                  C             D
And you're already gone. The wood cracks, the glass smashed, the pain is never worth the wait.
    G    F             Am       Bm   C         D        G
But oh believe me baby this time the truth will set you free
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