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The Homeless Gospel Choir - Holiday Song

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Fantastic song off of "I Used To Be So Young". The intro is the only complicated part; listen to the song to
get the rhythm for the tabbed bit (which you can also play for the [Break]). If you have other songs by this
guy that you want tabbed out, just leave a comment and I'll try to figure it out.



(then)D C G / D C G/ D C G / Em / C A G


Happy Fourth of July everyone

I hope the BBQ and beer treat you right

C                                  G
I heard that freedom, isn't really free

     D                 C                  G
That doesn't mean it's okay to kill other people

D                      C                   G
Because they come from different blood than you

D               C           G           Em
And please don't think that Jesus wants you to

C          A                 G
Kill other people 'cause they're Muslim



Merry christmas everyone

I hope you’re all warm and cozy in your house

C                                              G
It's not the kids fault that their dad went to jail

        D                       C               G
And it's not their fault there's no food in the house

    D                   C                  G
And Santa Claus doesn't visit their part of town

     D                 C            G             Em
And I heard a man once say that the last shall be first

  C            A                    G
Unless he only meant that for white Christians



Happy Easter Sunday everyone

I think you all look really great in your new shirts

C                                                G
I wonder if the kid that made it, got a new shirt too

      D                         C              G
And I wonder if he ever learned how to read and write

  D                  C           G
Or if he has running water in his house

      D            C                G            Em
And I wonder if his mom and dad are proud of his work

   C            A            G
Or if they died working in a sweat shop

   C          A           G
The Gap kids, Gap, or baby Gap

C               A                G
Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle

C                  A                     G
Banana Republic or regular old fashioned JC Penny



Hey there sweetheart I got news for you

I had a talk with your dad last night

C                                          G
So I went out, and bought you this diamond ring

   D           C            G
It came from a slave mine in Africa

      D           C                  G
Where people don't have the choice to leave

   D          C              G         Em
The man in the mine, he works under gun point

     C                  A             G
But I bought it so that I could say I love you

     C                  A           G
And I bought it so that I can say I care

     C                  A     G              Em
And I bought it so that I can get inside your pants

     C               A              G
And I buy everything because I'm an American
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