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Richard Buckner - 4Am, аккорды

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Аккорды в подборе (аппликатуры)
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[Verse 1]
       D             D
It's a bruised and a fallen sky
G          G                G
  Pressed all up against us
          G                D
And it's just as true, so far away
G               G                      G
      But I can be there by breakfast
         G                  D
I just drive on through to you
G              G                  Bm
    So as the past goes breaking by
A                        D  G D    G
  Where are you tonight?

[Verse 2]
       D            D
It's 4 AM and I'm awake again
G      G                G
   And not quite high enough
        G                 D
I'll be back, you know when
G           G                          G
   Should I lie a little and dream away
          G               D
I'm just lying here anyway
G              G
   With a chill a little heat
Could kill on sight
A                       D  G D  G G
  But where are you tonight?

Em Em
   Wasted and well spent
G   G
   Taken and once wrecked
D             D
   Oh, you're better than this and that
A                    A
   I thought I was cured of any last chance
Em    Em
   Unfastened and floored
G                           G      G              D  G D  G  G
  Now all I want is just a little, nothing more

[Verse 3]
            D                D
I looked inside, the ring we wear
G         G                  G
   And I read myself to sleep
    G                 D
I caught myself, so captured there
G         G                  G
    Deep inside those cavern eyes
       G          D
Oh my one, my one
You've broken me
        G             Bm
At the vow, below the vine
A                       D  G D G
   But where are you tonight?
G                    D  G D G
  Where are you tonight?
G                    D   G D G
  Where are you tonight?

G   D  G D G
G   D  G D G
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