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of Montreal - Our Love Is Senile, аккорды

    	    	The chords are played on the bottom three strings, all sexy funky style, but I 
tried my best to tab them out for acoustic playing. Some are a little 
questionable, let me know what you think. Also, the internet's lyrics 
transcriptions are pretty terrible. I'm pretty confident in these. Counting is 
written in on some syncopated parts, but verse chords are each a measure long, 
just listen to the song for how the lyrics fit over them.
Intro: Bb Dm C Bb, x 4
Bb           Dm              C                    Bb
So now she's turning a corner, wants to leave me again
Bb                Dm                    C                    Bb
Though it's sad I really should warn her, you can only break up so many times
Gm            Dm             Gm                 Dm
Before losing us to absurdity, without becoming forced to call she said:
Ebm        Bbm                 Eb                        Bbm
How can we continue? If you're telling the truth, then I still don't believe you
Fm      Eb  Gm  C#      Bb  F# , x 2, Fm(4 counts)
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

Bb           Dm            C                    Bb
So now she's getting tired, wondering if it's a peak or precipice
Bb              Dm           C                   Bb
And just how to labor forward, when her man is a mess, and never there
Gm                Dm                 Gm            Dm
Though it's sad being apart, but it's much worse together in silence, because
Ebm      Bbm
more than just civility, we need
Ebm                  Bbm
laughter, happiness, madness, anything
Fm      Eb  Gm  C#      Bb  F# , x 2
Second Part (tonality ambiguous, just do power chords, in 3 measure phrases)
D    Bb      D  Bb G  A  F    C    C#, x 3
1  2 & 3  4, 1  2  3  4, 1  2 & 3  4 

(Quick three-string tab to show rhythm and notes. Rough chords are on top)
  F           D E D  E     D  C
  1 2 3 4,1 2 3 4,1 2 3 4,1 2 3 4

Our love is senile, like a blind child bumping into walls
Say it's not guilt keeping us together, how can we support each other's wills
Our love is senile, like we don't recognize each other
Somehow we've relapsed to being strangers
We're scuttling reptiles in our sacred realm

Gm               Dm                Gm                Dm
Now it's time to play the socialist, and protect our little chick from our 
Ebm             Bbm           Eb,           Bbm
problems and confusion, this evasiveness is no solution 

Instrumental x 4
End on C# (or something..)		

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