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of Montreal - My Favorite Boxer, аккорды

    	    	I saw another tab of this song and I spent 2 hours listening to the song and I noticed the author
got it parts of it incorrect Thanks for trying though, patrick. Following these chords should help
you sound just like the band. I think Kevin Barnes is about as good a songwriter as you 
can be, by the way!

"My Favorite Boxer"
-Written by Kevin Barnes
-Performed by of Montreal

In the beginning the guitar plays higher in the neck besides the barred chords in the
rest of the song.
-The G minor  F      Ebm to   Ao   B Dm/A  F7  F-7 Dm/Bb Eb/G  Cm/Eb*
a- -----------------------------------------8---8--------10------4-|
*comes later in the song. I put it up here to save space.

Here are the lyrics with chords. The Bb to Dm/A is the only part that I am not totally
convinced is correct, but I couldn't interpret that spot easily.


Hector Ormanos my favorite boxer
Gm       F           Ebm     Adim
He goes smasho and Every one cheers
Bb  Dm/A F7 Fm7  Bb 
Dm/Bm F7 Fm7 F
He turns big men to whimpering cowards
    Gm        F       Ebm        Adim
Hes so strong and how I adore him.
Bb  Dm/A F7 Fm7  Bb 
Dm/Bm F7 Fm7 F

Change to Ab 2/4:
But Im so weak.
Cm         Db
So much so that Im afraid to walk alone down my street
Eb                                                        Ab
I know Ill never be as brave as Hector Ormano!
Cm/Eb                       Db

(Same Chords as before)
Hector Ormano is my favorite boxer
His smile is so white like elephant ivory
Hes so handsome and all of his girlfriends
Are tall and blonde with hourglass curves

(Same Chords As before)
But I don't know many girls
And I certainly dont know any girls like that
Even if I did I wouldn't be as cool as Hector Ormano

Change to Db 2/8(?):
One summer day I was sitting on the bridge
Db   Bbm      Ab       Gb              Ab
Looking at the water below
Ab7                   Db
When I hear some laughter and a familiar voice
            Db     Ab  Bbm              Ab  Gb Ab
Coming from down the road.
Ab7                       Db
It was then that I saw and my heart nearly dropped
    Cm/Eb                       Gb
I saw Hector Ormano with some friends
       Cm/Eb                      Gb
And as they approached my mind went blank
    Ab            Gb
As I struggled to find the words
I was dying to tell him
          Ab7           Db

Bbm Fm Gb Ab->7 Db

As Hector walked by he picked up a stick
     Db       Ab    Bbm      Ab     Gb   Ab
And threw it at my head
Ab7                    Db
His friends went quiet and Hector said to me
   Db         Ab     Bbm                 Ab  Gb Ab
What are you looking at wimp?
Ab7                    Db
Back to Bb 4/4:
Hector Ormanos my favorite boxer
Gm       F                Ebm      Adim
Even thought he was mean to me.
Bb Dm/A F7 Fm7 Bb 
Dm/Bm F7 Fm7 F
My father thinks im a meaningless no one
   Gm        F             Ebm              Adim
Compared to the perfect Hector Ormano
Bb Dm/A F7 Fm7 Bb 
Dm/Bm F7 Fm7 F
Bb Dm/Bm F7 Fm7 F

If you have any comments, questions, or if you want to rave about how awesome of 
Montreal is, email me at phriendlybeast@hotmail.com		

Аккорды в подборе (аппликатуры)
G Варианты F Варианты Ebm Варианты B Варианты Dm Варианты A Варианты F7 Варианты Bb Варианты Eb/G Варианты Cm Варианты Eb Варианты Gm Варианты Adim Варианты Fm7 Варианты Bm Варианты Db Варианты Ab Варианты Bbm Варианты Gb Варианты Ab7 Варианты Fm Варианты
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