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of Montreal - Little Viola Hidden In The Orchestra, аккорды

Song: Little Viola Hidden in the Orchestra
Artist: of Montreal
Album: The Bedside Drama:A Petite Tragedy
---Tabbed 21 Nov 2011 by: phriendlybear
Tuning is Eb Standard.

*asterick means the chord formations are at the bottom,
or there is something worth saying about how the chord
is played at the bottom.


D#m7b5*   E7        C#m*        A F#
Miniature woodwinds whistle underwater
F#m*   B       E9             Gbdim*         A  
While electric eels make the ocean warm in summer
Dm              Fm7/B*      Fdim/B*(low)
Olives who were left on the sand
        G             Cm  F7b5*  Bb
Become bathing beach bunnies  
Dm    C9*        Am7     Fdim/B       F  A7     C7**
Being wooed by a seashell singing elegant choruses

(same chords)
Little viola hidden in the orchestra,
how I love to pretend the sounds you make
are flowers that slowly encircle the band.
That curl around each note that's played. 
The audience charmed by the floating
garden of music giddily pick musical floral bouquets.

and now its time for the play...

Bm7                                F#4  F#
The actor in the center of the stage 
        E9         Ddim
looks sadly at a teacup, 
          C            Cm9                 
reads a poem off the teacup 
    Gm          Ddim                      
and covers his face with a 
E        Am7          A
page of a poem on the teacup
                      A*                F#m
and sings, "What a terrible lie you told me.
            A       C#m      Bm7
That you're heart was mine to buy
Bm                        E*
All those feelings you implied, 
it all was just terrible lies...
Ddim                      A
oh what a terrible lie.."
           G7                                 C
Do you remember in the first verse when I told you
about the seashells singing?
Well if you wanna hear what it sounds like,
you just have to listen in....
( a capello)..
(crescendo G7)

C            A7 
I will be a good boy 
     Dm        F       G                 F     G
and never tell you the bad things that I think about,
    F                                     G
the nasty little/ dirty little/ sinister things 
C                    Am    Dm   G7
I'll keep them to myself...

(Two more times) (3rd) myself..Dm G7

C   F  C

It took me more than 7 hours to produce these. Nobody on
The internet has them, so please rate graciously.
If you find an error, please comment me, dont
give the tab a bad rating.

C7 (d-E: 5-5-5-6)
D#m7b5 (d-e: 1-2-2-2) or (a-b: 6-7-6-7) 
C#m (the c# note goes to e [high e: 4->7])
Gbm is higher up
Gbo (d-e: 4-5-5-5)
F7 (d-E: 3-5-4-5)
Fm7/b (d-E: 9-10-9-11)
F dim/B (low)(E-g: 1-2-3-2, bass line alternates
between b(a2nd fret) and f (E1st fret))
F7b5 (d-e: 3465)
C69 (a-b: 3-2-2-3)

Am7 (E-G: 5-7-5-5) at “a poem”
Gm at “reads a poem” e:6thfret
D dim (a-b: 5-6-4-6)
D(a-E: 0-4-2-3-2)
A (What terrible lie...played higher than the proceeding A)
E (d-E: 6-4-5-4)
G7 first time(d-e: 5-4-3-1 a bit of a stretch)
second time(d-b: 5-4-6) other times bar it. 
***:D End chords***

say the chord is F.
F is formed from (E->e) 1-3-3-2-1-1.
 If the notesare x-x-3-2-1-1, than it will say:
F (d-E 3-2-1-1), 
Meaning the first number in the sequence, 3,
Is on the D string, the last is on the high e.
Another example: E major minor 7
(a-B: 7-6-7-8)
would look like 

Аккорды в подборе (аппликатуры)
C7 Варианты E7 Варианты C#m Варианты A Варианты F# Варианты F#m Варианты B Варианты E9 Варианты Gbdim Варианты Dm Варианты Fm7 Варианты Fdim Варианты G Варианты Cm Варианты Bb Варианты C9 Варианты Am7 Варианты F Варианты A7 Варианты Bm7 Варианты Ddim Варианты C Варианты Cm9 Варианты Gm Варианты E Варианты Bm Варианты G7 Варианты Ebdim Варианты Am Варианты Gbm Варианты F7 Варианты D Варианты
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