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of Montreal - Colossus, аккорды

                            COLOSSUS - OF MONTREAL

Created by: dcolspector

G#dim/B - 7567xx (You MUST finger it this way or it will not sound right.)
F#dim/A - 5345xx (You MUST finger it this way or it will not sound right.)
F#m7add4 - 222222
E6/B - 7x665x
B7/A - 5644xx
B7 - 7 9 7 8 10 7
B6 - 7 9 7 8 9 7

Em   E   Em   E

Em                             E
Your mother hung herself in the National Theater,
    G#dim/B               F#dim/A     (See fingerings at the top of this page.)
When  she was four months pregnant with your sister,
            E     Emaj7          F#m
Who would've been thirteen years old today.
B                  F#m7add4       B
Does that make you feel any less alone in the world?

Your dad, I'm sure, he tried his best,
He thought you'd be better off living with your grandmother.
He didn't realize that she'd already given up,
Baby, your family, they are all just losers.

Ab                 C#    C#7
   I become such a wolf around you,
F#     A           Dmaj7
    My thoughts go dark and all out of focus.
E        G#m       C#
I have no peace in my mind,
Because you,
      E6/B     B7/A     B7    B6
You've touched      me.
Em      E

The screech owls are going insane outside my house.
It is the season for trouble and self destruction.
All of my friends, they are falling apart,
But not me, I'm in control.

Remember the exquisite corpse that we created together?
We laughed at the time, it seemed so impenetrable,
But reading it now I think I understand,
What it is that we're trying to steal from each other

I become such a wolf around you
My thoughts go dark and all out of focus
I have no peace in my mind
Because you,
You've touched me.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.


Аккорды в подборе (аппликатуры)
F#m7add4 Варианты E6/B Варианты B7/A Варианты Em Варианты E Варианты Emaj7 Варианты F#m Варианты B Варианты Ab Варианты C# Варианты C#7 Варианты F# Варианты A Варианты Dmaj7 Варианты G#m Варианты Amaj7 Варианты B7 Варианты B6 Варианты
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