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Misc Musicals - Bat Boy The Musical - A Home For You, аккорды

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G Варианты F5 Варианты D5 Варианты F Варианты F/E Варианты Dm Варианты Dm/C Варианты Em Варианты D Варианты C Варианты C/B Варианты Am Варианты Am/G Варианты D/F# Варианты G5 Варианты C5 Варианты Cm Варианты Dsus4 Варианты Ab Варианты Ab7 Варианты Db/F Варианты Eb/G Варианты G#5 Варианты C# Варианты C#/C Варианты A#m Варианты D#/G Варианты G# Варианты G#7 Варианты A#m/G# Варианты D#sus4 Варианты D# Варианты C5/E Варианты Dsus2 Варианты A7 Варианты
G F5 D5
G F5 D5

[Verse 1]
F                       F/E          Dm                         Dm/C
Poor little person with eyes so sad, where in the dark did they hide you?
Em                            D                        C C/B Am Am/G
What have you seen that could teach you that haunted stare?
F                        F/E              Dm                       Dm/C
Poor little creature, it makes me mad, to think of the childhood denied you,
    Em                         D/F#                 G
Eut give me a chance and we'll make it all right, I swear.

       C                 D/F#        G                C    C/B
'Cause we're not here to harm you or make you feel ashamed.
Am      Am/G    D/F#               G
You can make mistakes here and you won't be blamed.
   C              D/F#          G5             C5
So show us how to help you, and if we pull you through,
     Am      C      Cm   D   G
Then we will find a home for you.

[Verse 2]
F                       F/E                  Dm                     Dm/C
Home is a word that you should have learned, home is where people accept you.
Em                        D                      C C/B Am Am/G
People who treat you with love, which is awfully rare.
F                           F/E                Dm                       Dm/C
Family's a place where your trust is earned by folks who are happy they kept you.
Em                      D/F#                  G
We'll find a family who won't let you down, I swear.

       C                 D/F#          N.C.
'Cause we're not here to harm you, or- Oo Oo Oo Oo Oooo
Am          D               C  D  G
Oo oo Oo oo Oo oo?    Oo oo oo oo ooO.
       C             D/F#     G            C
Oo Ooo OOO ooo Ooo ooOoo- Ooo OOO oo oo oo OOO
C/B Am     Am/G   Dsus4 D   G   Ab Ab7
Oo  Ooo oo ooo oo ooo   ooo OOO

    Db/F              Eb/G        G#5             C#    C#/C
No, we're not here to harm you or make you feel ashamed,
A#m             D#/G               G#
You can make mistakes here and you won't be blamed!
   C#              D#/G          G#7               C#
So teach us how to love you, and once the night is through,
C#/C A#m     A#m/G# D#sus4 D#  G#
Then we  may have a home   for you.

   C5/E            Dsus2          G5             Cadd9
So show me what to give you, see, look- I made a stew.
    Am      C      Cm   D5 Em Dsus2 A7     Am   Am/G  C    Cm   D   N.C.
And somehow if you make it through,   then this might be a home for you.
Oo oo Oo Oo oo!
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