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Josh Ritter - Paths Will Cross, аккорды

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C G Am F  C G F C

This is it my dear old friend
   Am                 F             G
Our paths it seems are at an end for now
C                G
Though in time we floated free
         Am                  F                     G
We're are pulled by separate gravities to ground

                 F        G
But it's clear that in the way we part
        C                       Am
With our hearts together but our hands apart
   F            G       F
And it seems so hard to begin
    F             G
Best friends we'll always be
C                     Am
Though your road don't follow me
   F       G                C       C
I know our paths will cross again

Time has turned her face from me
   Am           F             G
And spin spirals fancy free I flew
    C               G
With nothing but the dawn to see
   Am              F           G
And now I've got my memories of you

        F                  G
Well the road is windi' and road is hard
   C                  Am
And there's no telling just how far
 F         G               C
Or how many letters I might send
  F           G
One day you'll walk with me
 C               Am
Against all probability
 F        G                C             C
I know our paths with cross again

Time is like this fast freight train
   Am              F             G
You gotta ride, you can't remain behind
   C                       G
And all your friends are on separate tracks
 Am                                                      G
And some of them and some of them they won't look back to find

   F            G
The one place we all have known
   C                Am            Fm
The one place we can call a home
              G                C
The place where each of us began
F               G
Sure as that day rolls around
        C                 Am
When the road back home is finally found
F         G                C
I know our paths will cross again

C C G F C Am F C C

Now my home is in a far off land
     Am           F                      G
Where love and time have made their stand against me
   C                         G
And that's probably where I'm gonna stay
    Am                                G
It's probably where they'll marry me some day

  F             G
But after all is come and gone
   C           Am                     F
And after every songs been sung there
       G                   C
Comes a thought I won't defend
F              G
Sure stones are left unturned
   C                    Am
And on the streets where home fires burn
F         G                C
I know our paths will cross again
     F        G               F
Yes I know our paths will cross again

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