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Jimmie Rodgers - Peach Picking Time In Georgia

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               C                                   C7
When its peach pickin time in Georgia
F                            C
Apple pickin time in Tennesee
G7                                      C
Cotton pickin time in Mississippi
D7                               G7  G
Everybody picks on me
G7           C
When its roundup time in Texas
C7   F            Dm6              E7
The Cowboys make Whoopee
              F                C         A7
And way down in old Alabamy
     Dm          G7       C
Its gal pickin time to me

                  C                                 C7
There's the bluegrass in old Kentucky
F                                        C
Virginia's where they do the swing
G7                                C
Carolina now I'm coming to you
D7                                  G7     G
Coming just to spend the spring
G7     C
Arkansas I hear you calling
C7 F       Dm6       E7
I know I'll see you soon
             F               C                   A7
There is where we'll do some pickin
      Dm               G7     C
Beneath that ole Ozark moon

                C                                C7
When the pickininees pick the cotton
F                                                 C
Thats the time I'll pick the wedding ring
         G7                                C
We'll go to town a pick a little gown
D7                              G7     G
For the wedding in the Spring
G7           C
Hope the preacher knows his business
C7 F        Dm6        E7
I know he can't fool me
               F                 C                    A7
When its peach pickin time in Georgia
     Dm          G7        C
Its gal pickin time for me
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