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Hank Snow - Old Shep, аккорды


(Time measure 3/4)

| G | G | C | C |

[Verse 1]
                 A7          D7         D
Now when I was a lad and Old Shep was a pup
G         G7              C
Often the fields we would stray
                   A7           D7           D
Just a boy and his dog, we were both full of fun
   G         G7          C
We grew up together that way

[Verse 2]
    F          Fm          C
I remember the time at the old swimmin' hole
                  D7             G
When I would have drowned beyond doubt
        C              A7            D7        D
But Old Shep was right there, to the rescue he flew
   G          G7             C
He jumped and helped drag me out

[Verse 3]
                     A7          D7           D
As the years rolled along and at last he grew old
    G            G7           C
His eyesight was fast growing dim
                 A7            D7        D
Then one day the doctor looked at me and said:
   G           G7           C
"I can't do no more for him Jim"

[Verse 4]
        F         Fm      C
So with tremblin' hand, I picked up my gun
            D7              G
Aimed it at Shep's faithful head
      C             A7       D7        D
But I just couldn't do it, I wanted to run
  G                 G7         C
I wished they would shoot me instead

[Parlando 1]
                         A7       D7                 D
So I threw down that old gun, ran right up to Shep's side
   G                 G7                    C
He laid his faithful old head, right on my knee
                                A7          D7       D
And friends, I stroked the best pal, that a man ever had
       G          G7             C
I even cried so I scarcely could see

[Parlando 2]
    F             Fm           C
Now Old Shepie he knew, he was goin' to go
                          D            G     G7
'Cause he reached out and licked at my hand
C                    A7          D7         D
Then he looked up at me, just as much as to say
  G            G7       C
I hate to but; you understand

                  D7              G7           C
Now Old Shep he's gone, where the good doggies go
       D             D7          G
And no more with old Shep will I roam
       C           A7              D           D7
But if dogs have a heaven, there's one thing I know
    G          G7        C
Old Shep has a wonderful home		

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