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Face It - The Burden, аккорды


This is a song that i wrote that talks about how we need to share and help deal 
with each others' problems. Hope you like it!

The Burden
Ryan Wiesen

D                  A
We all have our problems

A                   E
Different in every way

E                      G
But sometimes these problems

G              D
They lead us astray.

D                     A
But if we help each other

A                     E
It will lighten our load

E                    G
And then we can all see

The love that Jesus showed.


G                   D
And the burdens we have

D                  A
Keep weighing us down.

A                     Em
But if we still hide them

Em                    G
Our souls will only drown.

G                 D
So lift up your head

D                A
And pour it all out.

Em              A        D
Pour out your heart to Jesus.

D               A
I'm ready to listen

A                        E
Please tell me how you feel.

E                        G
Aren't you glad you told me?

G          D
Glad to reveal?

D              A
Some have addictions

A                       E
That are very hard to face.

E                       G
But in they're in the open

We can feel Jesus' grace.

Chorus (2x)		

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