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Bruce Robison - Rayne Louisiana

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These chords fit both Rayne, Louisiana, on Bruce Robison's "Wrapped" cd and
the "Unleased live - Charlie & Bruce Robison and Jack Ingram". There are less
runs in the live version which is what I have tabbed. If you would like the

          D     =     x00232          Em     =     022000

          G#    =     xx6544          G1     =     320033

          G2    =     xx5433          F      =     xx3211

          Gm    =     x55333          D/F#   =     2x0232


Run #1:           Run #2:

  2  2  1 1 1
D Em G# G D
  2  2  1 1 1
D Em G# G D
         2  2  1 1 1
Run #1 D Em G# G D
         2  2  1 1 1
Run #1 D Em G# G D

D       Em                G#        G     D
So long Rayne, Louisiana, never see me no more.
D                       Em
Hundred dollars, thirty days in the slammer,
F          G        D
I'd rather hit the road.
D       Em             G#        G        D
I found I'm goin crazy everyday here the same.
             Em                    F      G        D
I'm bound to go to the city where nobody knows my name.

Em                  D/F#                     G
How many days can I walk this road from the levee
             Em                           D/F#
To the farm? Wake up in the moring in the same old
                 G                   Gm
Place. Only the leavin' is left and gone.

Repeat Intro

D       Em               G#             G        D
So long ol' New Orleans, nothing but a waste of time.
            Em                    F     G        D
Hot nights down in the quarter, took me my last dime.
                 Em                  G#           G
Well I count the waves in the water just like an old
      D               Em                  F         G
Drunk bum. Deep down Mississippi river, where's it all
Come from?

Em                     D/F#                   G
How many days can you spend in the shadows, hidin' from
          Em                      D/F#                 G
The sun? Waitin' for the night to lay your money on a point
That never comes.

Repeat Intro 2x's

D       Em             G#             G        D   Run #2
So long New York City, my dreams are dead and gone.
          Em                 F          G      D
No heart, no damn pity, I believe I'm headed home.
          Em                 G#        G         D
One time before I'm leavin' I'm gonna roll them dice.
                 Em                 F       G      D
If it comes in I got no worries, I lose I lose my life.

Em                   D/F#                       G
How many days can I spend in the middle of the black
                    Em               D/F#
Concrete and cars? Been so cruel and care so little
        G                  Gm
'Bout a man that's come so far.

Repeat Intro
So long, Rayne, Louisiana, never see me no more...

  2  2  1 1 1
D Em G# G D
  2  2 1 1 1
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