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Bad Religion - The Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking, аккорды

    	    	Bad Religion - The Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking

Tabbed by: http://www.andreasvockrodt.de


      D                                A
Let's gather 'round the carcass of the old deflated beast,
   C                                      G
We have seen it through the accolades and rested in its lea,
   D                        A
Syntactic is our elegance incisive our disease,
    C                                  G                D
The swath endogenous of ourselves will be our quandary

[Verse 2]

      D                               A
We've nestled in its hollow and we've suckled at its breast,
    C                        G
Grandiloquent in attitude, impassioned yet inept,
D                           A
Frivolous gavel our design ludicrous our threat,
  C                            G                      D
Excursive expeditions leave us holding less and less


So what does it mean?
        F                              C
When we tell ourselves it's only for a while we have been deceived
         Bb                         F
And it's only for a moment that the treasures of our day
Make life easier to complicate,
The treasure thrown away,
G      F
I'm so tired
           G         F
Of all the fucked up minds
           G           F
Of all the terrorist religions
          G        F
And their bullshit lines,
               G       F
And of all the hand-me-downs
           G        F
From all industrial crimes
        G       F
And the weeping mothers
                  G      F
And those who are led so blind,
         G          F
From the plastic protests
        G        F
And the hands of time
        G          F
And the pursuit of mirth
        G      F
And all hating kind		

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