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ANA GASTEYER - Blue Black Friday, аккорды


Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loTpO7K0enQ&t=2s

Playing barre chords make it easier to play

Key Bb capo 1

Amaj7    G7    Fmaj7   E7

[Verse 1]
       Amaj7         G7
It was early Fall—you  said you'd call
Amaj7                            Em7  A
     I thought that's what you'd do
     Dmaj7             C7
Then came chilly nights  we lost the light
Bm7         Gb7   Bm7   G7
   Still no rendezvous
      Cmaj7              Bb7
Thanksgiving's here with too much wine and beer
Cmaj7                      Gb7
     Family drama, nothing new
               Fmaj7  Fm    D7
And it'll be a blue - black Friday
B7           E7             A  Eb7
  If I don't spend it on you
         Dmaj7                 G7
Baby I'm feelin' down—will you shop around
         Amaj7           Em7  A
Take the first free giveaway
        Dmaj7                        Dm7         G7
But the price is steep 'cause you'll get it cheap
        Cmaj7            Fm7
And you don't need it anyway

[Verse 2]
         Amaj7       G7
You're a sparkly one—pretty, shiny fun
Amaj7                  Em7  A
     A man-made tinsel tree
               Dmaj7                    C7
Guess you were built to last 'cause you can't hold fast
             Bm7    Gb7        Bm7   G7
Can't I just buy one — get one free?
            Cmaj7             Fm7
Now they'll string the lights—they'll be money fights
Cmaj7                            Gb7
The Christmas spirit through and through
                 Fmaj7  Fm    D7
And just another blue - black Friday
B7           E7          A   E7
  If I don't spend it on you

A         G7    A7    A     A7    Em7   A

Dmaj7     C7          Bm7   Gb7   Bm7   G7

Don't sit down too fast my future ghost
   Of Christmas past
Cmaj7                 Gb7
     No lasting value tried or true
                   Fmaj7  Fm    D7
There's gonna be a blue - black Friday
            Bm7     E7   A   Gb7
And I won't spend it  on you
Fmaj7             E7             A  Gb7
You know I coulda spent it on you
B7                 E7 A     Am7  D7  A
  I wish I'd spent it on you		

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